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The Blackheart Orchestra releases the music video for “The Tide”. The song is taken from their forthcoming album Hotel Utopia, released by Ceandar Records on September 23.

The Blackheart Orchestra is made up of Manchester-based multi-instrumentalists Chrissy Mostyn and Rick Pilkington, who draw on a wide range of influences from artists such as Sigur Ros, Bat For Lashes and Bjork.

Together they combine contemporary rock with electronica, atmosphere and classic style to create a unique brand of ethereal art-rock loaded with pop hooks and poetry, raw emotions and philosophy. They are frequently compared to artists as diverse as Cocteau Twins, early Pink Floyd, Portishead and Kate Bush as well as contemporary composers such as Steve Reich and Philip Glass.

The band’s 2019 album, Mesmeranto, reached No. 16 on the UK Indie Chart, No. 18 on the UK Rock Chart, No. 4 on the Big Takeover Albums of the Year in the US and was twice voted Top 20 of the Rock Writers albums of the year.

The album received unanimous praise from Louder Than War, PROG magazine, RnR and No Depression, as well as recognition and applause from musical peers including Steve Hackett of Genesis and Phil Campbell of Motörhead. . They won the award for best British duo.

They were voted No. 4 Best New Group in the UK. Chrissy was recently voted #5 Best Female Vocalist in PROG Magazine’s Readers Poll, and their locked online concert series The Big Armchair Concerts was voted #10 Biggest Rock Events of 2020.

Now, after a recent successful 17-date UK tour, the band announce details of their new album. Hotel Utopia that finds them at their best.

Never afraid to tackle the most intimidating topics, Mesmeranto was based on the concept of death, inspired by Mostyn’s mother who was nearing the end of her life. Today, Hotel Utopia takes a musical look into the afterlife.

All 13 songs deal with the one mystery that has troubled every human animal that has ever lived. What happens after life? Whether we believe in God with a capital G, a small g, or no g at all, Hotel Utopia is a 13-song collection that speaks to our fear of the mystery of when the light goes out. Or does it?

It’s a record that doesn’t attempt to answer that question but rather provokes the listener’s thoughts while holding their hand through a musical journey that meditates on our fears and fantasies of “heaven”s. stopping en route to murder, suicide, end of the world and reincarnation as we all approach the unknown mystery of our own personal Hotel Utopia.

The opening song “The Tide” is about the end of a loved life, a song Chrissy wrote about the passing of her mother and the impact the grief had on her body and mind. “Under The Headlights” views every life as part of something bigger and features a historical recording of the voice of 1960s British philosopher Alan Watts.

Amplifying thought, the video was shot just three feet from the edge of the 531ft high cliffs at Birling Gap, South Downs, sadly the third most popular suicide spot in the world. “The Warning” leans into the death of the earth and is a melancholic call to arms to a species seemingly doomed to self-destruction, while “Astronaut” is a child’s naïve vision of the life to come eventually replaced by reality.

Continuing these themes, songs such as ‘Alive’, ‘A Dangerous Thing’ and ‘Dust’ examine the sanctity of life, love, the mystery of death and the pain of loss. As “Casting Spells” playfully asks, does anyone keep track of our behavior and is the afterlife a spin of the wheel based on our background? ‘Atlantic’ depicts a fantastic journey of reincarnation, an underwater dream state of the subconscious mind.

While the final track, “The Flood”, is about apocalyptic endings, but also rebirths and new beginnings. It’s the perfect close to an extraordinary album – The Blackheart Orchestra‘s most compelling and ambitious to date.

Based on Chrissy Mostyn’s track-by-track guide, available on request.

We are extremely happy to announce our three years in the making of the Hotel Utopia album. Hotel Utopia is 13 songs about the afterlife. It holds the listener’s hand through a musical journey that meditates on our fears and fantasies of “heaven” stopping en route to murder, suicide, the end of the world and reincarnation.

Hotel Utopia is an audio film for the listener’s mind, emotions and imagination. The album will be supported by an 18 date UK tour.

List of tracks:

The tide
Under the headlights
The warning
A dangerous thing
cast spells
Lift up your heart

Hotel Utopia will be available on September 23.

Buy link: https://store.theblackheartorchestra.com

The release of the album will be immediately followed by an 18-date UK promotional tour:

September 1 OSWESTRY Hermon Chapel
September 4 HULL Adelphi
September 6 MASHAM Town Hall
September 9 LEEDS Seven Arts
September 11 EDINBURGH Bannermans
September 15 WIGAN Ancient Courts
September 17 OUNDLE Victoria Hall
September 18 LICHFIELD The Hub
September 22 SUTTON Sound Lounge
September 24 WINCHESTER The Railway
September 25 SOUTHAMPTON Hanger Farm Arts
September 29 PENZANCE Acorn Arts
Oct. 1 CREDITON Arts Center
October 8 LEDBURY Market Theater
October 12 CHELMSFORD A canteen
October 13 BRIGHTON Brunswick
Oct 16 POOLE Sound Cavern
October 20 BANBURY The Mill Arts Center
October 23 SHEFFIELD Gray Stones

Download/stream here https://linktr.ee/theblackheartorchestra


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