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The Auburn Community Concert Band has announced that rehearsals in preparation for the band’s 2022 summer concert season will begin Wednesday, March 2. , in Auburn.

Membership is open to all wind instrumentalists and percussionists who can read music. Band members must have their own instruments and be able to commit to the band’s weekly program of Wednesday night rehearsals and concerts. For the 2022 season, participants must also be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. This is an ideal opportunity for former band members from high schools and colleges to rediscover the joy of making music and performing in front of large audiences.

Each summer, beginning in early July, the band performs weekly Wednesday night concerts at Festival Plaza in downtown Auburn; time permits. A different music program is presented each week, with songs that appeal to audiences young and old.

According to the band’s manager, Milt Simon, it’s not uncommon for potential members to be a bit hesitant to join the band. “We understand that for some it can be 20 years or more since they last touched their instrument.” Simon said, according to a press release from the band. “It’s like riding a bike. Once you’ve learned, you never forget. You may just need to practice.

This summer will mark the organization’s 41st anniversary season since it was founded by Simon in 1981. Current members of the concert band range in age from their late teens through their early 80s and represent a dozen cities around the central Maine. Interested musicians are asked to email their intentions to Manager Simon at [email protected] before attending their first rehearsal. Further information is available online at auburncommunityband.com.

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