Bay Area Indian community joins voices in popular music video – East Bay Times



Members of the Bay Area Indian community have come together to share a new version of the popular song “Mile Sur Mera Tumhara”.

The video is already a hit online, having garnered over 400,000 views (and counting) on ​​YouTube alone.

“This song is known as ‘Song of India’ and ‘Song of Togetherness’,” explains video director Anil Gaur. “It’s sung in 14 different languages, but the beauty is you don’t have to understand the languages ​​to feel the feeling of being together.”

The original version of “Mile Sur Mera Tumhara” – which translates to “As the melody matches, mine and yours” – debuted on August 15 (India Independence Day) 1988. The Bay Area version was recorded in December and released in early January. Some 70 people contributed to the making of the video, which shows various singers performing the song in a variety of iconic locations in the Bay Area. The video highlights the talents of singers Shubha Chaki and Shreedhar Ganapathy as well as hip-hop artist Tanya Gupta. The music was composed and arranged by Pranav Jhumkhawala.

“It is a celebration of how people from different backgrounds, who have made their home outside of India, have incorporated Indian heritage into their family life, building bridges between people of all ages.” , Gaur said. “It includes classical and folk dances, festival celebrations, traditional outfits and food.

“This is a unique production of its kind in the Indian community, given its scale and diverse participation from all regions. This is more significant given the pandemic and the recent instability caused by the political environment. “



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