Bristol to host its first seafaring song festival



Bristol has announced the news that its first-ever slum festival will take place this weekend, with ten slum teams performing on the outdoor stages of the city’s harbor.

The crews will perform in Brunel Square next to the iconic SS Great Britain; on the Matthew, a modern reconstruction of the original Matthew who sailed to Newfoundland in 1497; at Underfall Yard, a historic shipyard on Spike Island; and within the very grounds of the SS Great Britain.

The festival was organized in conjunction with Docks Heritage Weekend and was designed by the High & Dry slum group. They will appear this weekend alongside local bands such as The Severn Whalers, The Barnacle Buoys, The Harry Browns and Back Beach Boyz.

It comes after the Bristol-based slum group The longest John were signed to Decca Records after the viral trend of sailor slums TikTok and the success of their barracks performances aboard the SS Great Britain.

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The full program of the Bristol Sea Shanty Festival:

Brunel Square

12 p.m .: High & Dry
12:45 p.m .: Les Alouettes de la Marine
1:30 p.m .: The Barnacle Buoys
2:15 p.m .: The Harry Browns
3 p.m .: Storm Force 10
3:45 p.m .: The whalers of Severn
4:30 p.m .: The Roaring Trowmen
5:15 p.m .: Barretts Privateers

Lower court

12 p.m .: The Harry Browns
12:45 p.m .: Return to Beach Boyz
1:30 p.m .: The Roaring Deceivers
2.15 p.m .: The whalers of Severn
3 p.m .: High & Dry
3:45 p.m .: Les Alouettes Marines
4:30 p.m .: Storm Force 10
5:15 p.m .: Rusty bathtubs

SS Great Britain

12 p.m .: Close the hatches
12:45 p.m .: The whalers of Severn
1:30 p.m .: Barretts corsairs
2.15 p.m .: Close the hatches
3 p.m .: Barnacles buoys
3:30 p.m .: The rusty bathtubs
4 p.m .: The Steepholmers
4:45 p.m .: Les Alouettes de la Marine
5.15 p.m .: Bach Beach Boyz

The Matthew

12 p.m .: The Steepholmers
12:45 p.m .: Bristol Slum Choir
1:30 p.m .: Les Alouettes Marines
2:15 p.m .: Back Beach Boyz
3 p.m .: The roaring waterspout men
3:30 p.m .: Close the hatches

The Bristol Sea Shanty Festival will take place from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday 10 October.

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