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HERMITAGE – After an initial cancellation due to weather, the Buhl Community Concert Band will finally have the chance to perform at Buhl Park this week.

The show, part of Buhl Park’s free “Summer Concert” series, will take place Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. at the Park Performing Arts Center.

The band’s performance was originally scheduled for June 15, which would have commemorated June 14, 2006 – the first Wednesday performance of the Summer Concert Series and the first performance of the Buhl Community Concert Band.

However, that concert earlier this year was canceled after temperatures hit around 106 degrees, posing potential health risks to those in attendance.

“It wouldn’t have been good for both parties, the band members and the people in the audience,” said band manager Judy Mindicino.

The concert was finally postponed to this Wednesday, with weather that promises to be “perfect”, she said.

In the meantime, since the cancellation of the original concert date, the members of the Buhl Community Concert Band have found other opportunities to keep busy.

Some of the band members are also members of the Mercer Community Concert Band, while others are also members of the Lawrence County Concert Band, Mindicino said.

The Buhl Community Concert Band also reunited to perform in July at the Greenville Riverside Park “Music Monday” concert, which featured much of the same music for their scheduled performance at Buhl Park.

“The park was lovely and we had a great response from the public,” Mindicino said, adding that there were around two hundred people in attendance.

The band’s performance will include a variety of patriotic and upbeat tunes, such as “Florentiner March”, “Circus March”, “Sound of Music”, “The Thunderer March”, and “Summertime”, all of which were played at the premiere. of the group. performance in 2006.

Other pieces include patriotic music such as the “Armed Forces Salute”, when the band will acknowledge all veterans in attendance, and upbeat pieces such as “Instant Swing Concert” and “Take the A-Train”.

A new dance mat installed at the Performing Arts Center earlier this year will be available if anyone in the audience wants to jump out of their seat and dance, Mindicino said.

“I understand the new dance floor has been a huge hit for the other shows,” she said.

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