Busking study: classical music pays more than rock, jazz or pop covers



Ed Sheeran began his musical career performing in the streets of Dublin. At the time, the artist might have been able to make a better living if he had played classical music rather than pop or rock songs, according to the findings of a team of European researchers, published in a recent study. .

From New York to Shanghai, London to Berlin, music lovers can find street musicians in most cities around the world. But their income is not always stable, because it depends on the generosity of passers-by. However, a study recently published in the Marketing Letters newspaper, reveals that certain musical and weather factors can increase their income.

Samuel Stäbler and Kim Katharina Mierisch studied the behavior of more than 80,000 people who donated money to street musicians in Cologne between December 2016 and March 2017. While they earned an average of € 23 (RM 110) Nowadays, the style of music they played has significantly influenced their income. The researchers found that pieces from the classical repertoire were particularly popular with passers-by. In this case, they were earning € 27 (RM129) per hour, compared to only € 11 (RM 53) per hour for rock, jazz or pop covers.

From days of the week to weather conditions

Even more surprisingly, the environment in which street musicians operate has a real impact on their income at the end of the day. The researchers found that they received more donations if they played in a square rather than in the middle of the street.

The presence of an audience is also a factor. Passers-by tend to touch their wallets more easily when in company, to show their generosity. Other factors to consider are the age and gender of music lovers who can donate money to street musicians. Women tend to be more generous than men, as do people between the ages of 30 and 65, according to the study.

The researchers also found that people seemed more supportive of children and young people playing music on the streets. So much so that they earn on average 45 € (215 RM) per hour, which is almost double what their elders earn.

However, the latter can dramatically increase their income if they occur on Sunday – especially if the weather is bad on that day.

“We find that consumers are more likely to donate in cold weather, possibly because they feel a greater liking for the musician or because physically cold consumers are more likely to respond favorably to emotionally warm stimuli,” write Researchers. – AFP



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