Classical Music Fans Invited to Relive SSO’s 140th Anniversary Party


The Shanghai Symphony Orchestra invites classical music fans to relive the chic evening when it celebrated its 140th anniversary in September 2019.

The orchestra’s 19/20 music season opening concert will be streamed on its WeChat video account tonight at 7:30 p.m.

Led by SSO music director Yu Long, the show opens with Grammy-nominated Chinese-American composer Zhou Tian’s new commission “Gift.”

Zhou’s “Trace” was nominated for the 60th Grammy Awards for Best Contemporary Classical Composition.

Zhou, who turned 38 in 2019, was the season’s artist-in-residence. “Gift” was specifically commissioned for SSO and is derived from an old poem, which includes a line that translates to “music is a gift of decency”.

The next element of the concert, Zhou’s cello piece “Flowing Sleeves”, featured the famous cellist Wang Jian for whom it was written. It is inspired by the “flowing sleeves” of Chinese opera, in which performers use elongated silk sleeves to represent the movement of the figures.

The show ends with the “Long March” symphony, written by composer and pianist Ding Shande in the early 1960s. Its first movement debuted in 1961 and the competing piece premiered in 1962, both by the Symphony Orchestra.


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