Delta concert band will perform in England and France


After approximately two years of hiatus necessitated by COVID, Delta Music Makers (DMM) are set to set off on a 16-day European tour.

The 40-member group will depart on August 8 and entertain crowds in Anderton/Northwich, Chester, Falmouth and Beckenham; all in England. Then, in honor of Canadian heroes of the First and Second World Wars, commemorative concerts will follow in Arras, France (near Vimy Ridge), and at the Juno Beach Center in Normandy, France.

Curt Jantzen, who founded DMM some 39 years ago and is still active as Chief Conductor, explained how the members’ love and commitment to music has kept the band together over the past two years.

“This tour was originally scheduled for 2020, but, due to COVID, was postponed for a year. Then, in late Spring 21, postponed again! opportunity to do this tour, Janzen explained.

“All touring costs are borne by the members themselves, but we love performing and sharing music in exotic locations – it gives meaning to our travels.”

Beginning again this spring, DMM is re-entertaining the people of Delta. Two notable concerts were held at Kin Village and 16e Ladner Bandfest, organized and coordinated by DMM at Memorial Park.

While the band’s main reason for touring is to share their love of music with the public, they also plan to be goodwill ambassadors for the city of Delta.

Mayors and other dignitaries from the six European sites have been invited and will receive compliments from Delta Mayor George Harvie. And, no doubt, in his usual inimitable style, Jantzen will be touting the wonders of his hometown.


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