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Classical Music Indy is a local music program whose mission is to inspire people in the community through classical music.

Eric Salazar, Communications Director for Classical Music Indy, and Joshua Thompson, Podcast Host for Classical Music Indy joined us today to share more about their organization’s latest projects.

Eric also performed his song “Sky So Blue” from his album “Soul Search”.

About Indy Classical Music:

Classical Music Indy is Central Indiana’s premier syndicator of award-winning classical music radio programs by Peabody, 24/7 classical music streaming and award-winning podcast producer, community programming provider, publisher of NOTE Magazine and defender of classical music and classical music-makers. Their mission is to inspire the people of our community with the power of classical music. Their vision is to be the most accessible provider of high quality classical music opportunities to audiences and artists in central Indiana.

They play a key role in the thriving local arts scene in central Indiana, creating the most relevant and fairest classical music content that serves as a national platform for our city’s culture with projects led by artists. artists. Click here to learn more about ways to support classical Indy music.

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