Happy occasion as the Clonmel Concert Band makes a welcome return after two years of absence – Photo 1 of 9


The musicians of the Clonmel Concert Band gave their first performance in almost two years on Sunday November 14 at Old St Mary’s Church.
Since they resumed rehearsals a few months ago, it has always been important for the musicians and their conductor, Danny Carroll, that they be able to perform for the public again.
Thanks to members of the Select Vestry and the parishioners of Old St Mary’s, the concert was organized with the safety of the public and the musicians being the top priority.
For an hour this Sunday afternoon, the sound of live music and songs filled the air as the Clonmel Concert Band performed a selection of classics and music from films such as Star Wars, Jaws and Cinema Paradiso.
Despite their long absence, the group still created the same happy atmosphere that has been missing for so long.
To the delight of the audience, band members Andrea Ruth Houlihan and Emmet Donlon added exceptional vocal performances to the afternoon.
Playing for ten years now, the orchestra is mostly made up of former members of Banna Chluain Meala, where their love for music first developed.
They still have a close relationship with Banna, who is celebrating her 50th birthday this year.
Other musicians have joined over the years and travel to rehearse in Clonmel, from Limerick, Cork, Waterford, Dublin and beyond.
After Danny Boy’s encore, the audience walked out of Old St Mary’s Church, everyone’s day brightened up with the music played there and the promise of better days to come in Premier County.

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