Heights Concert Band Patriotic Concert Draws Large Crowds | Local


More than 200 spectators gathered at Harker Heights High School on Sunday afternoon to hear The Heights Concert Band perform a medley of patriotic leads.

The band performed in the auditorium at Harker Heights High School to a very diverse audience.

Concert moderator Danny Ingram greeted the audience and beautifully described each selection, with a bit of background on how the lyrics and music were part of the concert.

The performance began with “An American Fanfare”, a medley of some of the most patriotic songs in history.

Ingram stood on the podium and invited the audience to sing along with their next selection which was the “Star Spangled Banner”.

After the national anthem, the band members could be seen smiling as Ingram announced the next selection. “Marching Down Main Street” written by the band’s Ken C. Wood, also blends classic American tunes into a fun performance that thrilled the crowd.

“It’s enough to get you on your feet, walking,” said Al Capsule, waving his mini flag.

Some audience members were emotional during the performance of “America, The Beautiful.”

“You could almost see the majesty of the purple mountains and the amber waves of the grain,” said Chloe Harris of Temple. She attended last year and said she wouldn’t have missed the event this time around.

“It makes me happy to be an American,” Harris said.

The acclaimed performances in a “Salute to the Armed Forces” generated the most excitement from the audience. Ingram introduced the selections by asking the crowd to stand when the military anthem they were linked to was played.

Then came “The Wild Blue Yonder” with Air Force members and veterans standing proud.

This was followed by “Semper Paratus” (Latin for “Always Ready”) with a Coast Guard veteran standing to rapturous applause.

Next comes “Marines’ Hymn” followed by “Anchor’s Aweigh” for all Navy soldiers and veterans, but it’s the resounding notes of “The Army Goes Rolling Along” that gets most people up.

The audience was filled with excitement as the band performed their rendition of “The Stars and Stripes Forever”, paying homage to more than two centuries of American patriotism.


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