HS Concert Band plans annual concert for Memorial Day


The Hot Springs Concert Band will kick off its summer concert series with the annual Memorial Day Concert at 3 p.m. on Monday, May 30 in Whittington Park.

“The band are still proud to be able to perform this concert and for the first time in three years, thanks to the National Park Service, the concert will take place in our traditional venue, Whittington Park. The band are delighted to be back in our setting. familiar outside where our audience can pull out the lawn chairs again, grab a cold drink in the shade, chat with some of our neighbors we haven’t seen in a long time or maybe haven’t even seen yet met, and again pay tribute to those of our military who have preserved our freedom to assemble as we will on this special day,” a press release said.

The band’s artistic director and principal bandleader, Craig Hamilton, “has provided an excellent selection of music – music that will awaken your patriotism and invigorate your love for your country and the honor and respect that are dear to us for these men and women of our military who gave their lives for our freedom,” he said.

Selections will include “Americans We”, https://www.hotsr.com/news/2022/may/22/hs-concert-band-plans-annual-memorial-day-concert/”From Sea To Shining Sea”, https://www.hotsr.com/news/2022/may/22/hs-concert-band-plans-annual-memorial-day-concert/”An American Band”, https://www.hotsr.com/ news/2022/may/22/hs-concert-band-plans-annual-memorial-day-concert/”Missing Man, Sing For America”, https://www.hotsr.com/news/2022/may/22 /hs-concert-band-plans-annual-memorial-day-concert/”Armed Forces Salute,”https://www.hotsr.com/news/2022/may/22/hs-concert-band-plans-annual -memorial-day-concert/”Gallant Marines”, https://www.hotsr.com/news/2022/may/22/hs-concert-band-plans-annual-memorial-day-concert/”Our America, “https://www.hotsr.com/news/2022/may/22/hs-concert-band-plans-annual-memorial-day-concert/”American Anthem” and “For Our Heroes”. The program will also include “great flag marches” such as “Semper Fidelis”, https://www.hotsr.com/news/2022/may/22/hs-concert-band-plans-annual-memorial-day – concert/”Second Connecticut” and “The Liberty Bell”.

“This is one of the most popular gigs the band performs each year,” said band president Kathy Hendricks.

“It speaks to the love of country and the respect and esteem for our military that our audience has and loves to show year after year, Hendricks said.

There is no admission fee for the concert, but everyone will have the opportunity to donate towards the operating expenses of the group. In the event of inclement weather, an alternate indoor venue will be announced via local and social media, as well as signage.


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