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From the internet to the stage, the City College Concert Band returns to in-person performances starting Sunday, November 21 at the Garvin Theater.

Works on the program include: “Tom Sawyer Suite”, “Marimba Concerto”, “Prelude and Celebration”, “Mont Blanc”, “Minor Alterations”, “Hanover Festival”, “Bright Lights!” and “The Witch and the Saint”.

“The pieces that will be performed will be of the same level of enjoyment, but also stimulating music for the audience and the performers,” said conductor Eric Heidner.

For the first time in two years, the City College Concert Band will present its end of year show live.

Heidner has stated that the Tom Sawyer’s Suite is the creation of Swiss Italian composer Franco Cesarini, including American sounds in each of its movements. There are also themes in each piece for each character, which all come together to tell the story as a whole.

Although the orchestra is normally 90 to 100 people, this year there will only be 55 on stage.

“I can’t wait to play music and see what a concert will be like during COVID-19,” said alto saxophonist Valentina Venegas.

Throughout the past year, every performance has taken place virtually via Zoom due to COVID-19 security restrictions. When they first met online there was a delay that didn’t allow everyone to play on time.
This forced each member of the group to perform separately and then send their clip from home. Heidner then edited each piece together, synchronizing the music and allowing the band to perform as a band. He said this method was “fun but not preferred”.

“After two years of not being able to perform in front of a live audience, the next performance of the concert band has been a long time coming,” said tenor saxophonist Leo Rubio. “I feel so lucky to be part of a group of over 50 talented musicians from all around Santa Barbara.”

“The music is more exciting than ever,” continued Rubio. “Being able to share it with a live audience will make it even better. We spent a lot of time as a band rehearsing to make the performance unforgettable. “

During rehearsals, each member of the group has adjustable masks that are worn even while playing. All wind instruments also have bell screens that cover them for added safety. For the performance, musicians are allowed to play without the bells.

There have been no cases of COVID-19 across the music department since the return to in-person practices. The conductor said they took a lot of precautions to be safe so that everyone could continue to train together.

To ensure public safety, it must follow the COVID-19 protocols currently in place. This includes wearing masks inside the building or theater / music theaters. Members of the public will also be required to provide physical or digital proof of vaccination for entry, as well as identification.

If not vaccinated, the individual must provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test that was taken within 72 hours of attending the event.

Tickets can be purchased in line or at the Garvin Theater ticket office. Prices are $ 15 for general admission and $ 10 for students and seniors.



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