New classical music series to take place in London clubs



Noisenights, a new informal classic series set in clubs and bars across London, has announced the lineup for its upcoming winter series. The series is managed by the organization Through the noise, in partnership with the sheet music subscription application Nkoda.

The series aims to present high-quality performances in informal settings and in doing so free performers from some of the programming restrictions they might typically face in a more established performance setting.

Noisenights Winter series set to feature a cross-genre cellist Abel Selacoë playing baroque and contemporary African music, while a second concert will feature the cellist Sheku kanneh-mason and composer-pianist Harry baker. The duo will combine works by Boulanger and Bach with jazz standards and improvisations of folk songs.

The concert format of a Noisenight sees the featured artists play two slots, one in the early evening and one later in the night. Each concert is funded by crowdfunding: spectators buy tickets in advance to ensure the financial viability of the project, and can follow the progress of the funding on the Noisenights website.

The concept has already met with success earlier in 2021. Noisenight One features the violinist Max Baillie and cellist Laura van der Heijden paired the Kodály Duo with a selection of folk music arranged by the performers. This was followed by Noisenight Two, in which the VSGood morning ! Duo (consisting of a violinist Sarah Daramy-Williams and violist NOTatalia Senior-Brown) performed music from their African Concert Series program. This included works by Errollyn Wallen, Joseph Bologna, and Rachel Barton-Pine, alongside pieces by Mozart, Schubert and Martinů.

“I am really delighted to present this program with Harry Baker in such a unique place,” Kanneh-Mason said of his upcoming Noisenight. “As performers, we react so much to the space we are in, not just acoustically, but to the energy of the room and the people in it. It will be a special opportunity to share the music that we love in a new setting. “

“After an overwhelming response to the first two Noisenights, we were forced to go further with Noisenights three and four,” said Jacques Bazalgette, co-founder and artistic director of Through the Noise. “Abel, Sheku and Harry have built innovative programs especially for these big venues. On top of that, we know how special it is to have an audience made up of crowdfunding contributors: every Noisenight audience member gave this concert possible, which is a beautiful thing to be a part of. We are sure that these two nights will be unforgettable. “



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