orchestra mysuru: Ramya will release the trailer for “Orchestra Mysuru” tomorrow | Kannada Movie News

Apart from the releases of big stars in the Kannada industry, another film is making the rounds and has managed to create a huge buzz with the exciting cast of actors and different promotions. It is none other than ‘Orchestra Mysuru’ whose release was eagerly awaited by moviegoers and managed to create enough curiosity to keep moviegoers looking ahead.

‘Orchestra Mysuru’ is a film centered on the orchestra culture that is still relevant in the city of Mysuru. Director Sunil Mysuru, who grew up in Mysuru and loves 90s orchestral culture, resonated with the film’s theme with music director Raghu Dixit. The making of the film has encountered filming delays and budget constraints, but the team is very excited to bring the trailer to the public tomorrow. Interestingly, the trailer will be released by popular actress Ramya.

Ramya took to his Twitter handle to announce the release of the trailer and posted:

Orchestra Mysuru” has Dhananjaya and Poornachandra Mysore in the lead roles with Raghu Dixit making his acting debut in addition to composing the music for the film. Sunil Mysuru is directing the film.

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