Orillia Concert Band returns for in-person and virtual Christmas performance




The Orillia Concert Band is gearing up for their next in-person Christmas performance, with a virtual option for those who can’t attend.

Each Christmas season, the band comes together to perform live at Orillia’s three largest retirement homes. For the past two years, the group of 45 band members have practiced and performed virtually.

Now, with two live performances set for December 4th, the band are excited to perform in person again.

The afternoon and evening shows will take place at the Center Saint-Paul on December 4. The afternoon show is all about family entertainment, and the evening show will feature traditional and contemporary Christmas classics.

For those who will not be able to attend the show, a Livestream option will be available.

“St. Paul’s is revolutionary in its ability to broadcast live its Sunday services and we’ve built on that,” said Brady Aubin, President of the Orillia Concert Band.

Although the virtual performance is free, viewers are encouraged to purchase an OCB Seasonal Fundraising Ticket at the Orillia Opera Box Office to help support the performers.

The afternoon and evening shows will be streamed live on the Orillia Concert Band‘s YouTube channel.

For more details on the performances, visit the Orillia Concert Band website.



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