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For those looking to do something Sunday night on the ridge, the Paradise Symphony Orchestra is set to perform “A Viennese New Year” at the Paradise Performing Art Center.

According to the orchestra, in the grand ballrooms of Vienna, Austria, legendary balls still take place, many around New Year’s Eve. To this day, these balls continue to be very popular with young and old alike. throughout the winter.

The dancers dress in fine formal wear and can attend many balls during the season and dance to music selected from pieces written for them during the 1800s and early 1900s.

Organizers note that the most popular style of music for this type of ball is the waltz, which they describe as an elegant, romantic, and flowing dance with partners moving together in a beautiful, light sequence.

Sunday evening, Lauri Burke and Austin Bergstedt will demonstrate the Viennese waltz and polka live on stage.

In the 1800s, Johann Strauss, Sr. turned out waltz after waltz to satisfy the insatiable need for new pieces for weekly balls, an accomplishment that earned him the title of The Waltz King. His son, Johann Strauss, Jr. began writing many waltzes and eventually assumed the title.

Organizers also say that while most dances would be waltzes, other musical styles would normally be included in a ball. At the beginning there was usually a march, a kind of promenade for the entrance of patrons and important guests. Later in the evening, a faster polka would be used. The proper form for the final dance was a slow waltz. Johann Strass, Jr. was adept at writing all of these forms of music.

The orchestra plays two of the polkas (one from Die Fledermaus), as well as other pieces by Strauss, including one of Strauss, Jr.’s most beloved waltzes, On the Beautiful Blue Danube. The program ends with Peter Tchaikovsky’s popular Flower Waltz, taken from “The Nutcracker Suite”.

The Paradise Symphony is pleased to announce that it has been able to book guitarist Warren Haskell for this concert (after the October concert was canceled due to weather) to join the Concerto in A and Concerto in D from Vivaldi.

Tickets can be purchased at or on the night of the concert at the Paradise Performing Art Center. The concert on January 16 will begin at 6 p.m.


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