Pasadena Livestock Show & Rodeo will feature eight days of popular music acts and freestyle bullfights


Eight days of the 40th edition Pasadena Cattle Show and Rodeo begin Sept. 23 to bring a lineup of popular entertainers, professional rodeo competitors, a carnival and cattle show, and auction.

Scheduled through Oct. 1 at the Pasadena Fairgrounds, the event will feature artists such as Kolby Cooper (Sept. 23), Aaron Watson (Sept. 24), Josh Ward (Sept. 29), Randall King ( Sept. 30) and the Randy Rogers Band (October 1).

Ward, who performs a variety of hit singles, will make Pasadena one of many Texas stops along the rodeo tour.

“You get a first-class show with Texas and national artists right here on our stage. Ticket prices vary by night,” said PLSR President Clint Castalow.

On Sunday, September 25, will present musical artists such as Leandro Rios, Gustavo Reyna, Oscar Ayala and Grupo Zenzio.

The middle of the rodeo grounds will come alive each night with its many colorful lights.

When: From September 23 to October 1.Visit for a full calendar of events.

Where: Pasadena Fairgrounds, 7601 Red Bluff Road, Pasadena

Rodeo entertainment program

September 23: kolby cooper

September 24: Aaron Watson

September 29: Josh Ward

September 30: Randall King

October 1st : The Randy Rogers Group

For more information: Call 281-487-0240 or visit

“We’ll probably have close to 100 vendors here,” Castalow said. “From the cowboy shop to home improvement stuff, there’s something for everyone. We’ll have a ‘Mootown’ where they teach you how to milk a cow, and we can’t forget the farm barn.”

When it comes to rodeo time, the event has called for some great help.

“Our contractors are the same ones that supply the animals for the national rodeo in (Las Vegas), Castalow said.

Animal shows include the rabbit show on September 24, with the pig, lamb and goat shows the following day, and the poultry show on September 26

The steer and heifer shows will take place on September 27th. The livestock auction is scheduled from noon to 4 p.m. on September 29.

The Bulls take over on September 28 with “Bull Bash.” September 30 will feature an event called “Extreme bullriding”.

Then, on October 1, an all-new rodeo event will feature daring competitors trying to simulate angry bulls.

“Freestyle bullfighting is a new sport that is growing in popularity,” Castalow said. “These athletes will be placed in a paddock with aggressive fighting bulls, and they are graded on how well they fight the bull. The more near misses they have, the more they touch the bull or if they jump over the bull, they get points for it Whoever has the highest score wins $5,000 that night.

Castalow is a Sam Rayburn High School alumnus who previously raised poultry for the event.

“In 1992 I was showing animals here. That’s what we’re here for, to invest in our children,” he said.

“This is actually my 30th year of volunteering. In 1994 I got a Pasadena Rodeo scholarship and went to college across the street at (San Jacinto College),” Castalow said. . “I continued to volunteer and in (2004) was appointed to the board, then to the board and now chairman for the next three years.

“This organization changed my life. It taught me the value of hard work and how to be a leader.”

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