Popular Music’s Pepe Guerrero Idol Releases Song “Don’t Hold On”



PEPE GUERREROthe revelation singer of new popular Colombian and regional Mexican music, presents her new single “Don’t cling”. A modern corrido which, co-written with the Mexican Roberto Zamudio, PEPE GUERRERO composes to change the face of wickedness. It obviously sounds very Mexican but his incomparable voice also makes him very Colombian. His lyrics are fresh and creative, with that youthful spirit that the artist has always reflected in his songs. this time it’s a joyful and ironic corrido that leads us to enjoy a song of sorrow, but full of empowerment. The message is clear there is no need to humble ourselves, we are all worthy and above all that whoever plays with love in the end loses.

It’s the last song from the litter that producers Jhomer Ríos and Camille Valencia Made for Made for serves for serves for PEPE GUERRERO WARRIOR. In the musical credits, we find Juan Guillermo AguilarMauricio Zea, Over Vásquez and J Rivers, all recognized musicians of the popular genre in Colombia.

The music video was directed by Gustavo Gallego “Tavo Director” and in the main role, the model paisa, Alejandra Catano accompanied PEPE GUERRERO in some scenes that will give a lot to say. Tavo Director said in the video that “Life is like a board game where sometimes you win and some lose. The video was meant to be dark with a certain underworld casino gang tone.” trading and other game modes in which everything is bet. It is also the first time that his group accompanies PEPE in a video clip. “No Te Aferres” is full of tokens that will surprise and letters that will be discovered.

“No one knows what he has until he loses it.”

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