Reggaeton is better than classical music, science says it: that’s why



Over the past 20 years, reggae has grown into one of the most popular musical genres in the world.

According to a recent study published in the Academic Journal Neurology And realized by some scholars from the Canary Islands and Finland, it seems that listening to reggaeton is able to stimulate increased brain activity Compared to other forms of music, including classical music.

The study, entitled “Musical style regulates not only the auditory cortex but also the motor areas”, highlighted the data collected. By examining the brain activity of 28 different people Those who listened to classical, folk, electronic and country music.

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During the study, the researchers found that when participants listened to reggae music, it was clear increased brain activity compared to other types.

In order for the study to be valid, the scientists ensured that the participants did not receive any musical training. In addition, the experts used functional magnetic resonance imaging To analyze areas of interest in the brainThose that included the basal ganglia (pleasure and emotions), those with auditory activity (sound processing) and motor skills (movement).

This discovery could lead to new developments in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease

doctor Jesus Martin Fernandez, study principal investigator and neurologist at Our Lady of Candelaria University Hospital in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, led the study. Combines his two great passionsShe is a neurosurgeon and a musical composer.

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“What we saw is that reggaeton Works to activate all motor fields, the hierarchical region and the basal ganglia are much more than any other genus, ”the researcher told “One of the interesting pieces of the studio is that we have remove linguistic contentIt’s just useful music.

Martin Fernandez then told The Washington Post that the areas of the brain seen in the study could be beneficial. Finding a cure for Parkinson’s disease.



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