Senator Riley’s Grade 7 and 8 Orchestra did a great job throughout the year


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Senator Riley’s Grade 7 and 8 Concert Band showed improvement with each concert and did a great job at various events to end the year, including the Red Deer Festival of Bands on May 18, their end-of-school-year concert on June 7 and a performance at the venue on June 11.

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Music teacher and conductor Paul Stelter was extremely proud to see his students grow with each concert.

“Every gig our kids showed so much energy and it was great to see the kids having fun, while doing such a great job at every gig,” he said.

“It’s really cool to see these children grow with each rehearsal and concert. This is also true when these children progress and succeed in secondary school. »

The Red Deer Festival of Bands has a panel of judges who listen to the band and then one of those judges works with the band to see how flexible the band is by asking them to do different musical tasks. This Festival of Bands showcases the best musical talent in Alberta.

The Senator Riley Band received two top marks and two excellent marks at the Festival.

“It was a great result because it was the first festival the children had ever organised, said Stelter.

“Last year they only had six months of the band (missed due to COVID) and they just had to work so hard where they had to do a show on the road and perform at a provincial level and they l ‘did.”

The teacher said he was super proud.

“They did such an amazing job because of such a deficit. It was really cool to see. The kids also knew it was the best they’ve played and it was great to see as well,” Stelter said.


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