Tatsfield’s picnic is a success – the successful orchestra has booked again for next year’s picnic



A joy to be in a round table on Westmore Green

David and June Stavely seen enjoying a nice cup of tea at one of Westmore Green’s round tables.

It is very nice to see the locals and visitors to Tatsfield, Surrey making full use of the set of round tables that have been set up on Westmore Green across from the Sheree’s tea shop and shops, writes Dave Bishop.

The reason they all gather here is the result of thousands of hours of work that have been put into the village by volunteers from the Tatsfield community.

There may be a few people up to forty people on special occasions requested by the management committee for their participation.

Sitting on the round table is a pleasure, and the views are stunning, including our village pond and the gym and children’s play area.

It was nice to see the popular couple, David and June Stavely, enjoy a nice cup of tea in such a lovely setting last Saturday morning at Westmore Green.

30-piece orchestra booked for next year’s picnic

This happy family really got to work at the recent picnic on Westmore Green in Tatsfield on Sunday August 15th.

People are still talking about the wonderful picnic on Westmore Green that was held there last Sunday in perfect weather.

It is so good to see and hear that the excellent 30-piece orchestra has already been booked for the same venue and the weekend next year.

And what about that group who were seen snacking at the free picnic on Westmore Green on Sunday afternoon August 15th.

Message in a bottle could help save lives

Jennifer Miller of the Oxted Lions showing off the message in a bottle which is distributed free of charge.

A lady recently introduced herself to you as Jennifer Miller, who is involved with the Caterham-Oxted-Godstone (COGS) Lions charity.

She is a teacher at Oxted School and explained that Lions run a program called “Message in a Bottle” which is recognized by paramedics, ambulance services, special services, etc.

It’s a simple idea that encourages people to keep their basic, personal, and medical information in one common place where it can be easily found in an emergency.

This information is stored in a bottle which is kept in a refrigerator where the emergency services expect to find it in the event of a home call.

They will know you have a bottle with two labels, one attached to your front door and the other to your refrigerator door.

The lions also collect redundant glasses which are recycled and sent around the world.

Jennifer Miller can be contacted on 01959 574849 or by email at [email protected]

Road closures will begin the last week of August

Surrey Councilor Becky Rush has informed Tandridge District Councilor Martin Allen of current road closures expected in Tatsfield between August 23 and August 31.

Becky Rush said: “I have been informed that BT is carrying out work on Approach Rd, Ricketts Hill Rd (near Old Lane) and Ship Hill.

“I looked at this because the road closures in Tatsfield can cause real travel problems. The roads have to be closed due to the width of the roads, unfortunately.

“In the past, I have spent a lot of time helping the construction crew understand the problems created by such road closures during school term. This is why this work is scheduled for August.

“The works will be carried out consecutively, so once one road is completed the next road will begin.”

They aim to complete the work on August 31, if not sooner.

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