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British-Iranian entrepreneur Tara Lavlani reveals how her breakthrough beauty tool was born

DUBAI: If you can’t find it, do it! This is the philosophy behind many brands, including Beautift. The new London-based beauty line is known for its revolutionary Beautifect box, a technological device for applying, storing and transporting make-up.

The idea behind the Beautifect box came to British-Iranian founder Tara Lavlani four and a half years ago while she was on the plane. “I was on my way to Dubai and just put the kids to sleep. I was thinking about the day ahead, the hotel, the poor quality of lighting and how I would prepare while managing my children, and that’s when the idea for Beautifect came to me, she told Arab News.

The Beautifect Box is a rechargeable beauty device for applying, transporting and storing makeup.

A dental surgeon, Lavlani did not plan to start his own business. In fact, before she had the idea of ​​creating the Beautifect box, she was planning on buying a product that could serve as a portable dressing table when she realized such a thing didn’t exist. “How could something so obvious not be there already?” she proclaimed.

“Before I even landed I decided that if it existed, I was going to buy it. If it didn’t, I was going to create it because it would help all women in the same situation. I couldn’t believe that in our time we were still struggling to get the right lighting and we were still tied to one place. And that’s really where the whole idea was born,” she explained. .

What makes the product so special is the lighting, which took Lavlani more than two years to perfect. The beauty box offers five different lighting options that simulate different lighting environments so that women can apply makeup more precisely. “Lighting completely changes the way your makeup looks. There is no better makeup light on the market than the Beautifect light,” the entrepreneur shared.

The portable device presents itself as the beauty equivalent of a laptop computer.

The beauty equivalent of a laptop, the added benefit of the paid beauty box is that it allows women to apply makeup anywhere, whether they’re in the back of an Uber on their way to meeting or lounging on the couch before dinner plans. A single charge lasts up to a month, and in a time when women are busier than ever, juggling careers and motherhood, the beauty box is pretty groundbreaking.

“We have such busy lives now. How can we continue to wear makeup the same way we have for generations? With Beautifect, you can do it on your schedule. You no longer have to sit at a dressing table in a separate room for something you do every day,” Lavlani explained.

After launching Beautifect, the entrepreneur realized that dentistry had never really been his passion. “I have always been a big beauty lover all my life, but after training for six years to become a dentist and practicing for over a decade in London, I never imagined I would do anything else” , she recalls. However, his profession as a dentist strongly influenced the creative process of his brand. “After I launched, a friend of mine remarked that the way I designed the storage in the Beautifect box reminded them of a dental tray,” she reflected.

The paid beauty box is that it allows women to apply makeup anywhere.

Despite launching in the midst of a global pandemic, Beautifect was an instant hit when it landed on the shelves of Harrods and online on Ounass, Ulta and Lavlani’s own website. The entrepreneur attributes part of the success to the rise of social media platforms like TikTok during the pandemic. “We live in a time when makeup isn’t necessarily just for going out. I designed the product around the social media era. We need to be able to shoot content, take selfies,” Lavlani explained.

Today, the Beautifect line includes a beauty blender, a silk sleep mask, a crystal nail file, a toiletry bag and a tote.

With an oversaturation of eyeshadow palettes, foundations and lipsticks on the market, Lavlani reveals that she wants to focus her brand on beauty tools and devices. “Cosmetic brands focus on makeup and when it comes to tools, it’s almost an afterthought,” she shared. “Our goal is to create the best tools in their categories.”


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