The Bicester Concert Band will stage their first live performance since Covid


A concert band will conduct its first public performance in two years with a host of popular songs.

The Bicester Concert Band will hold a summer concert at St Edburg’s Church in Bicester on Saturday 9th July.

The music starts at 8pm and tickets are available at the door for £5. Alternatively, those who want to attend can request a ticket through the group website.

Bandleader Wendy Marks will lead the band on Saturday, through a program that includes music by John Williams, Henry Mancini, Queen and themes from James Bond and Thunderbirds.

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Ann Cadle, drummer and band board member, said: “We have our own gig twice a year, in the summer and around Christmas.

“For a few years we haven’t played because of Covid. We’ve done a few lockdown recordings, but this is our first public performance in a while.

“We just want to delight people with an evening of live music, which was missed during lockdown.

“We are now a solid group, performing popular pieces that people of all ages can enjoy under the direction of bandleader Wendy Marks.”

The band will forego their usual gig interval halfway through, in a bid to maintain social distancing.

Instead, the band will play all of their sets straight, which will last around 45 minutes to an hour.

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