The “family” The Naples Concert Band marks 50 years of musical excellence



Naples Concert Band went out of their way and commissioned a musical piece for their 50th anniversary concert. The group is an expert in achieving the unexpected.

  • The company built the Cambier Park musical group and raised $ 500,000 to build the shell.
  • With contributions of $ 125,000, he has already sent many undergraduates to college. The master class brings together artists, educators and professors from the Bower School of Music and Arts of the FGCU for the benefit of students studying in Naples.
  • The best part is that it produces amazing music. Perhaps this is because at least 30% of musicians have already been music teachers or conductors. A large number of professional musicians are also employed or retired.

The band performed “Rise of the Firebird” by Steven Reineke on Tuesday night. It was a sonorous overture with catchy trumpets and chirping flutes. There is also the punctuation of the percussions. Let’s not forget a glockenspiel. Then they tackle Ernesto Lecuona’s “Malagueña”, a minute and a half of caffeinated Latin rhythm that even makes the band members nod their heads. He will give his last concert at Cambier Bandshell on Sunday, October 17, at 7 p.m. (see box). All music fans should be prepared to dance.

Harris Lanzel, who has led the group for over 20 years, said “I was amazed at the amount of musical talent out there”. These talents include arranging, composing, and more. Gene Davis (a band member) wrote the opening song, “For Starters”.

They are a great group to work with. We have a lot of fun rehearsals and everyone is very passionate about the work they do. It’s a wonderful situation because everyone is working hard and trying to do their best.

He added that the group is not the type to lose their lips to musicians’ tongues over the summer. He believes that 90% of those who are part-time members of the group also belong to groups in their summer towns.

In winter, the Naples Concert Band will have almost 100 members. The season opens with 70 musicians and attracts up to 1000 people. This is a far cry from the group of 10 musicians who gathered at the Norris Community Center to perform in 1972 in front of a crowd of about 100 people.

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“The tennis courts were right behind the crowd,” recalls Shirley Mann as she played the trumpet in the band’s 43-year history. Bob Thurston plays the euphonium, and has performed with the band for over 50 years.

They may not have experienced a significant change in their motivation since that time. People who learn to play musical instruments love it and want to keep learning.

Mann said, “I’ve been playing since I was in third grade. It wasn’t something I wanted to stop doing. The instrument, like one of its younger members Jeff Ricigliano (tenor saxophonist), is a product of the New York school. There, instrumental studies lasted two to three years longer in New York than elsewhere.

The music program is an excellent mix of Lanzel’s 31-year tenure as conductor and a place in the Pennsylvania Music Educators Hall of Fame. Both men love it.

Ricigliano recites a list of potential program numbers. These range from “Grease” music, to marches, swing songs and medleys.

Mann said, “When the Broadway shows come out, we might be playing some of them.” Mann said, “There’s even a classic piece.”

Man remembers the time the band entertained Florida throughout the 50-year span.

“We played at Immokalee High School to promote the band’s music. We were playing inside the Coastland Mall – I don’t know why, but we had a band member take off her dangling earrings: “They said to us, ‘Now you work for The Mouse. . ‘ “

The group’s 50th anniversary concert on March 5 will take place in the large concert hall of Artis – Naples, where they will play the world premiere of “The Dolphins of Paradise Coast”, written for them by Rossano Galante, a film and a television composer (“Fantastic Fourth”, “A Good Day To Die”).

Lanzel, Mann and Ricigliano all emphasize the family atmosphere of the band members – friendly jokes, help for those in need. There are actually families in the group, married couples, parents and children, but Ricigliano can win the prize with four members playing.

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“Personally, I signed up because I played in high school years ago, and when my daughter started playing she wanted to play with me somehow. So we both got together, ”he added. This would not end the Ricigliano families.

He said: “At the moment I have two daughters as well as my father”, we now have three generations playing in the group.

Harriet Howard Heithaus is a reporter for Naples Daily News / She reports on the arts and entertainment. Contact them at 239-213-6091.

What’s this:Opening concert of the 50th anniversary season of the Naples Concert Band. Dickie Fleisher is the principal harpist of the Naples Philharmonic Orchestra and performs an arrangement for this concert. “Malaguena” This is a placeholder page for Mary Jo Carney. Doug Renfroe, Mary Jo Carney are the guest singers.

What time: Sunday October 17: 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Or: Cambier Park, 755 Eighth Avenue S., Naples

Enter:Grants donations are accepted free of charge

Here are a few things to keep in mind: Seats


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