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“After a year off, for them to do as well as they do, we’re very proud of them,” said Vines.

Meanwhile, even in the midst of the pandemic, the concert group has found a way to share their music with audiences and with each other through virtual concerts. The students recorded themselves playing their instruments from home and used software to match the recordings together, showcasing their individual and collective musical talents. Videos of the virtual concerts are available on their website

“We used to make music and share music, per se,” Doss said, “but nothing takes the place of young people in a room, making music with passion again. “

Finally, the concert group was able to perform together again for the first time in 20 months, when they performed an in-person concert at OCHS Field House last Thursday.

Doss and Associate Group Director, Allison Satterwhite has guided student musicians through works such as “Alamo March” by Karl King and “Blue Ridge Impressions” by Brian Balmage.

Doss took a moment between performances to express his thanks and gratitude to the school administration, volunteers and parents of OCHS Fine Arts Boosters for all the hard work they have done to make the group possible. to be able to perform again live in front of an audience made up of their families and their peers.



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