The Quincy Concert Band celebrates its 40th anniversary


QUINCY (WGEM) – The Quincy Concert Band celebrated its 40th anniversary on Sunday by performing for the community.

The ensemble performed a history-focused concert with songs from four different centuries to celebrate this milestone.

“It’s an honor to perform in front of these fantastic adult musicians. We have been nationally recognized on many levels since I have been here. They dedicate themselves and work so hard and put a lot of time and energy and effort into their practices and stuff, said Quincy Concert Band Artistic Director Trent Hollinger.

More than 100 people were present for the concert at Quincy Junior High Morrison Auditorium.

Hollinger said the concert was a way to say thank you to the community.

“We’re taking this concert to really celebrate that and really come out and say thank you Quincy, thank you Tri-State area for all the great support they’ve given us over the years,” Hollinger said, “To really giving back to the community is what we are here to begin with Giving back to the community and celebrating the arts in the Quincy area, especially with fantastic band music.

The Quincy Concert Band plans to hold its movie-themed spring concert on March 19, 2023.

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