U of A bands to host spring auditions for wind bands


U of A Bands will hold placement auditions for five Spring 2023 concert bands Monday through Thursday, December 5-8, in the Lewis E. Epley Jr. Band Building. Students can register for an audition now.

Sign up for an audition.

Each audition will consist of two contrasting excerpts chosen from the audition materials found in the “Band Members Only” section of the group website. Any student can use a university user ID (no “@uark.edu” needed) and password to access it. Auditions will be “blind” with two faculty members listening to auditionees behind a screen, allowing each performer to be evaluated solely on their performance without regard to classification or major.

Spring set enrollment is expected to be over 300 students, drawn from all colleges on campus. Chris Knighten, director of bands, says more than two-thirds of students in the band program are not music majors. “Music is a universal language spoken by students regardless of their degree program, Knighten said. “Engineering, business, architecture or science students all have a place on campus to make music.” Students in any study plan can receive credit for attending, and it’s a unique way to meet more students from across campus. Even students who may have played an instrument before but haven’t played one recently are encouraged to audition.

After the auditions, students will be placed into one of five sets, each available as a one-credit hour course offered by Fulbright College. Sometimes scheduling conflicts are allowed for students whose required courses overlap with rehearsal times.

Those with questions about auditions can contact Knighten at [email protected]

wind ensemble

Mon 3.05pm-3.55pm, Tue/Thu, 2pm-3.45pm, Chris Knighten (MUEN 1691, 2691, 3691, 4691, 4861 and 5691)

symphony of winds

Mon 3:05pm-3:55pm, Tue/Thu, 2pm-3:45pm, Jeffrey Summers (MUEN 1461, 2461, 3461, 4461, 4661 and 5461)

Symphonic group

Mon 4:10-5pm, Tue/Thu 4:10-5pm, Chase Jones (MUEN 1511, 2511, 3511, 4511, 4811)

4:00 p.m. Concert band

Mon 4:10-5pm, Tue/Thu, 4:10-5pm, Jeffrey Summers (MUEN 1491, 2491, 3491, 4491, 4831 and 5491 – Sec 001)

5:00 p.m. Concert band

Mon 5:10-6pm, Tue/Thu, 5-5:50pm, Chase Jones (MUEN 1491, 2491, 3491, 4491, 4831 and 5491 – Sec 002)


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