Want to know the most popular music video of Dhvani Bhanushali? Discover his videos with more than 100 million views

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Dhvani Bhanushali, whose song “Vaaste” was a blockbuster, attributed the number to her success, describing it as “part of her personality”.

The song, which was released in 2019, recently joined YouTube’s Global Top 100 list of most liked music videos, with over a billion views in less than two years.

“‘Vaaste’ has brought me so much affection from all walks of life,” says Dhvani Bhanushali of the chart-topping song. “Kids and even adults came up to me and hummed the song for me, which is the biggest compliment I could ever receive, to be able to connect with the people who helped me become who I am, my audience.”

“From the reels that were produced around it on all the covers and the feel it generated, it’s been part of my whole identity,” she says of the song’s internet impacts. The fact that it was chosen for the list of the 100 best songs in the world is without a doubt the icing on the cake.

“When you know you’ve been selected on a global platform and see your name alongside industry stalwarts like Justin Bieber, Linkin Park, Ariana Grande and other great international pop artists, it’s a feeling. totally surreal,” says Dhvani Bhanushali. of his song appearing in YouTube’s World Top 100 list. If there was music that could have done this for me, it would have been “vaaste”.

‘Vaaste’ is a song written by Tanishk Bagchi and performed by Dhvani and Nikhil D’Souza, with lyrics written by Arafat Mehmood.

Source: koimoi.com

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