Who wrote the music for Frozen Planet II?


It was in 2011 that the BBC first unveiled frozen planethis latest epic series on the weight tracks of blue planet and Earth all presented by the irreplaceable David Attenborough.

Given the massive popularity of both Blue Planet II and Planet Earth IIit was no surprise that the team brought us Frozen Planet II as well.

The six-part series, which premiered on BBC One on Sunday September 11, once again gives us a window into life in the extreme cold at both ends of the Earth. It’s a series that (as expected) not only celebrates the wonders of these frozen worlds and their inhabitants, but also reveals how much they live thanks to climate change.

Such drama always inspires great music, and Frozen Planet II is no exception. Like the previous sequel series, the BBC turned to Oscar-winning composer Hans Zimmer and his cohort of dynamic songwriters at Bleeding Fingers Music to provide the musical backdrop for the show. For this latest venture, Zimmer enlisted Australian-born, Los Angeles-based composer Adam Lukas and British composer James Everingham.

Lukas and Everingham have previously worked together on TV projects, including Nat Geo’s Everest Expedition and music for the broadcast of Super Bowl LVI. Everingham has co-composed with Zimmer before, too, his featured music in the 2020s Planet Earth – A Celebration for the BBC and Apollo: Mission to the Moon for Nat Geo. Lukas is no stranger to the BBC’s natural history unit, having composed the score for the recent series, Primates.

Both composers have worked on notable projects away from the screen, with Lukas composing solo piano works and a 2015 Gloria, as well as music for the stage. Everingham released a debut album titled Leviathan in 2020 and has undertaken an extensive project to sample the Royal Albert Hall’it’s powerful organ as part of its 150th anniversary celebrations.

For Frozen Planet II Zimmer, Lukas and Everingham join forces to create the kind of thrilling and evocative musical palette we’ve come to expect from these hit shows. Zimmer’s touch is perhaps most evident in the main theme, which captures both the majestic and delicate nature of our planet’s icy worlds. Like any Zimmer production, however, you can hear his sonic influence throughout, especially in the grander anthemic music.

Who sings in the score of Frozen Planet II?

An important element of the score is the ethereal voice. These are performed by AURORA, a 26-year-old Norwegian singer-songwriter. She made a memorable appearance at this year’s ‘Earth Prom’ at the BBC Proms. It included an overview of frozen planet and the live premiere of “Take Me Back Home”, performed by AURORA with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Ben Palmer. The song was written for the series’ extended trailer, by Hans Zimmer (one of best film composers in the world) with global superstar singer Camila Cabello.

Where and when can I buy the music Frozen Planet II?

An official soundtrack album of frozen planet II, featuring music by Hans Zimmer, Adam Lukas and James Everingham, will be available to stream and download from October 7 courtesy of Silva Screen Records. A two-CD release is slated for October 21, with plans to make the music available on triple vinyl next year.


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