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Shortly after a successful performance at the July 5 Symphony Above The Clouds, the Woodland Park Wind Symphony submitted an application to perform at the 2022 National Association of Concert Bands Convention in Santa Fe, NM.

In addition to an official request describing the history, background and success of the WPWS, the group submitted recordings of musical selections performed by the orchestra.

We were delighted to hear that the 35-year-old Wind Symphony has been selected as one of the country’s seven harmony orchestras to perform at the convention on May 5th.

The concert repertoire will include a piece titled “A Night in Mexico” by Paul Creston to honor Cinco de Mayo, a public holiday in the United States and Mexico to celebrate Mexican heritage and the liberation of Mexico from France.

Craig Harms is the founder and leader of the Woodland Park Wind Symphony, which has been selected to perform at the Associatoin of Concert Bands Convention in Santa Fe, May 3-8, 2022.

In addition to orchestral concerts, the ACB convention will host a clinic and a concert by the Canadian Brass Ensemble and various workshops for musicians.

In preparation for the concert, the orchestra will continue to support the Woodland Park community with a Swing Factory Christmas concert on December 5 and the Winds Symphony Christmas concert on December 12, as well as our sponsorship of the second annual decoration competition. Dan Makris vacation home rental.

In February, the musicians will present a special children’s concert sponsored by the Above The Clouds Symphony.

The Wind Symphony is a 501 © organization (3). Subsidizing travel to New Mexico while maintaining a rehearsal space adjacent to the City Market in addition to funding other music and equipment is costly for the all-volunteer organization. Financial support and sponsorship are really appreciated. Visit woodlandparkwindsymphony.com for more information on WPWS help and support.



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